We offer vehicle tours, hiking tours, and custom-designed tours including overnight camping and special photographic tours through Monument Valley and nearby Mystery Valley. For our vehicle tours we use comfortable 4 x 4 enclosed vehicles for smaller groups. Depending on your available time, you can choose from the following tours:

Photo Guide Service

Guiding serious photographers is one of our specialties. We have worked with many professional photographers and know the changing light of Monument Valley like no one else. A custom guided photographic tour with our photo guides is the best way to realize the full photographic potential of this spectacular and legendary landscape.

For sunrise photos of the Totem Pole, we leave the Visitor Center an hour before sunrise. After sunrise, we then move on to one of three sand dune locations, and depending on available time we might visit two arches. Of course, 4 hours is not enough to exhaust the photographic possibilities of Monument Valley, but this is our shortest tour.

For an all-day photo experience, Our photo guides will take you out 4 hours in the morning and again for 4 hours in the evening. This leaves time in the middle of the day for lunch, napping or sightseeing. For the morning and evening, sunrise-sunset tour, $250 per person.

Custom Group Tours

We enjoy creating custom tours for groups of all sizes. We have also organized very successful workshops for photo groups. Tour operators and organizers should contact us directly with your needs.

Things to Remember

  • - We operate on daylight savings time. Utah time, not Arizona time.
  • - We start all of our tours from the Visitor's Center in Monument Valley.
  • - We have no set time for our tours. You get to set the time for your tour.
  • - Highway 163 runs north and south through Monument Valley. 1/4 mile north of Arizona, Utah state line there is an intersection. Turn East. Go 4 miles and you are at the Visitor's Center. There is a $5.00 per person Entrance Fee. This is a Navajo Tribal park, not a National Park. In the parking lot there is an information booth. At the booth ask for Carlos Phillips, Carl Phillips or Ray Begay. We work together.

To Book Your Tour

The easiest way to book your tour of Monument Valley is to call us - at 928 429-0665 or 928 429-0040. We delight in tailoring your Monument Valley tour to your particular interests and needs. In a sense, every Phillips' Photography Tours is a custom tour.

If you would like to arrange a special photo tour, or multi-day tour, or a tour for a large group, it is always a good idea to contact us well in advance. Monument Valley is still a rugged, rural location, almost a wilderness, with only sketchy phone service, and reliable email. So please call us at.

The cellular phone service has good days and bad days, so you might have to call more than once. However, our voice mail system is very dependable, so you can leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. You can always write us (at the address below) or use our contact form and we will get back in touch with you.

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