Just wanted to say thanks to Carl for a great day of photography and showing us the back country.Our trip a couple weeks ago was great. You were very helpful with the cameras for us digital beginners and we came home with some great pics! Your insight to to the Navajo people and your culture was an added bonus. Thank you my friend for a great day, I  will recommend you to others!   GO CHIEFS!

Thanks again! Dale and Jan

Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I totally enjoyed the sunset photography tour with Ray. He has a great knowledge of the valley and took us to many beautiful locations. He also suggested some compositions which was very helpful and of course he provided some background about the area and the Navajo people.

Thanks again. David Koscielak

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for awesome time touring your beautiful area and helping us find the best photo opportunities. My friend and I enjoyed it so much. Carl and Ray are knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge of the historic area. We thought our tours were so much more than we expected and appreciate everything about the service we received.

Thank you, Susan Humphrey

I want to take a moment to write and tell you how great my experiences were with two of your guides, Ray and Tully. I had been to MV before but never had the chance to take any tours. I was so happy to have found you guys, as Photography is my love. Both Ray and Tully did a fantastic job of getting us to great spots and sharing their knowledge of the area. Mystery Valley was outstanding. I will be back for more and am recommending you to my friends. I will send some photos from my trip.. thanks.

Alex Schultz

I wanted to write to thank you once again for the wonderful experience that you gave us, to me and to all my photo workshop students, on the Cloud Ridge photo trip last week. As one of the participants told me, on our last morning, ‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.’ I think we all felt like that. A whole week of camping and photography in Monument Valley, and not one dull or wasted moment! “You did a superb job of showing us the private as well as the public side of Monument Valley. And, thanks to your understanding of the way the desert light changes, hour by hour, and day by day, you always seemed to get us to the right spot at the right moment. Bravo! “I hope to return to Monument Valley often in the future, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with you. Really, Tom, you are the most gifted and sensitive photographic guide I have ever met or worked with. I plan to recommend you and your guiding services to all my photographer friends and colleagues with great enthusiasm!”

Linde Waidhofer Western Eye Photography

Tom is the nicest person and so very accommodating and considerate. He helped me carry my equipment up to high places; he would find good spots for me to photograph and then while I was photographing, he would walk short distances away and look for other spots or lighting or vegetation, etc.; he would make suggestions for photographing. While we were driving from place to place, he gave historical information about the Valley and its people. He is an extremely knowledgeable, soft-spoken and interesting person. “When it was time for me to leave Monument Valley I really felt that Tom and Christa were friends, not just tour operators. I still feel that way, and I think of them often.”

Ruth Leyden North Reading, Maryland

“Von unserer Amerikareise zurück ist es uns ein Anliegen Euch zu schreiben, denn es war wunderschön bei Euch, und wir danken nochmals für die wunderschöne und interessante Führung durch Euer schönes Land. Die Eindrücke, die man hatte, waren ganz groß und unvergleichlich schön, wir werden es nie vergessen ...”

(Back from our trip to America, it is important for us to write you, because it was beautiful with you, and we thank you again for the beautiful and interesting tour of your beautiful country. The impressions we had were really big and incomparably beautiful, we will never forget it ...)

Lilo und Heinz Hammann Deutschland

"Please accept this letter as an endorsement of Tom Phillips' company, Kéyah Hózhoní Tours. Mr. Phillips, his wife and assistants aided me with a project in March 2000 on behalf of Dunlop and Toyota of Germany. These two companies designed the Dunlop Iron Drivers Cup and sent 55 people from Germany to the United States to participate in a road rally, press coverage and other activities. "Kéyah Hózhoní Tours arranged filming permits, access to private land at Monument Valley, and organized an elaborate dinner, entertainment and breakfast at the same spot. In my opinion, their activities were the highlight of the entire 8-day trip. In fact, the final film and print coverage was superb because of their efforts. "It required a unique and extremely rare combination of talents to succeed with this project in Monument Valley. The Phillips’ knowledge of Navajo, German and English was invaluable. In addition, the Phillips and their assistants demonstrated an unsurpassed knowledge of Native American, Anglo and German cultures, and thus insured our success in Monument Valley. It was very demanding to coordinate activities for competitors, press and support personnel, but the Phillips succeeded with everything. "Part of our project entailed using a helicopter to film 25 Toyotas of various types as they entered Monument Valley. Mr. Phillips organized everything necessary for the success of this project. His efforts thoroughly delighted the media and the driving contest participants. In final discussions after the event’s conclusion in Las Vegas, nearly everyone said that Monument Valley was the best part of the competition. This fact is astounding when one considers that the group also visited a ranch, Prescott, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, southwestern Utah and Las Vegas! "I worked as the international marketing manager of the Arizona Office of Tourism for five years, and it is my firm belief that Kéyah Hózhoní Tours offers on of the best tourism products in the entire state of Arizona. I recommend this company without hesitation for anyone working in Navajoland. I worked with more than 150 people during this project, and meeting the Phillips was a highlight for me. They are wonderful and very talented people. "If you have questions, please E-mail me at CDSGlobal@aol.com or phone (602) 463-4027.

Christopher D Scheffman International Consultant

"I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Tom Phillips and his Keyah Hozhoni Tour. The all day photo tour Tom gave me is one of the true highlights of my photography experience. Tom is an outstanding photographer who understands the beauty of light and how it enriches the magnificent landscape of Monument Valley. During my trip through this magical land, Tom pointed out photo opportunities and made suggestions that were very helpful. At the same time, however, he also made sure I had the time to study this country and express my own creative instincts. In addition to his photography skills, Tom is a very friendly, informative guide with a vast knowledge of the history and geography of the Valley. This is the ultimate tour of Monument Valley. Any photographer, pro or amateur, who truly wants to capture the beauty of Monument Valley, needs to explore it with Tom. I plan to return again soon. I know there are new photo opportunities out there."

John Newman Longmont, CO


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